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From our local base in Lancing and Steyning we cover the following areas:

  • Arundel
  • Brighton
  • Burgess Hill
  • Eastbourne
  • Falmer
  • Ferring
  • Findon
  • Hailsham
  • Haywards Heath
  • Henfield
  • Hove
  • Lancing
  • Lewes
  • Littlehampton
  • Petworth
  • Rustington
  • Seaford
  • Steyning
  • Storrington
  • West Chiltington
  • Worthing

We are also happy and able to undertake projects in Surrey and Hampshire. 

Electrical ServicesElectrician, Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne, Worthing

We provide a comprehensive range of services, from fault finding and installation testing to full rewires, refurbishments and lighting design. All supporting advice and any estimates provided are totally free and without any obligation on your behalf whatsoever:

Home Rewires

Rewiring is often considered to be a major project for many homeowners. Planning the installation, it's specification, duration and cost are key aspects that require careful consideration. To support this and aid decision making, we adopt a three stage approach.

Firstly we carry out an initial survey to understand the layout of the building and your requirements in relation to the new installation. We provide design advice and discuss any issues that would cause difficulties in realising the requirements within any predetermined budget parameters. We then provide you with a detailed written quotation outlining the works to be undertaken, from preparation to delivery and final Part P certification testing.

Next on acceptance of our offer we will proceed as agreed using working methods that minimise mess and disruption. For example:

  • We take care to conceal wiring where ever possible;
  • We keep your home tidy whilst the work is going on;
  • We use dust sheets to protect furnishings;
  • We restore power and lighting supplies at the end of every day; and
  • We make good where needed in readiness for final decoration.

Finally, upon completion and before energising the system, we carry out full testing and inspection of your new installation to 17th Edition Regulations standards. A certificate will duly be issued (NICEIC DOMESTIC INSTALLATION CERTIFICATE) which officially certifies the installation.

All of our work carries a six year NICEIC backed warranty for the works that have been carried out.

New Build Projects

JMA Electrical work with a number of builders and construction companies. We are just at home delivering state of the art installation specifications to exacting building regulation requirements, as we are carrying out full rewires in existing homes or upgrading existing installations. After all the same exacting standards apply regardless of the age of the building or the nature of it's use.

In these instances it is important to check out the competence of the contractor.  

JMA Electrical is registered with NICEIC and assessed on a regular basis to ensure continued competence, compliance and capability in relation to technical and safety
standards, codes of practice and scheme rules. Contractors registered to NICEIC Building Regulations Schemes are authorised to self certify their work without Local Authority Building Control intervention. This saves you both time and money when undertaking work that requires notification under the current Building Regulations.

Installation Upgrades

When considering partial installation upgrades we take care to explain specific areas of installation compliance. In short we provide a totally transparent consultation service with no hidden extras or reasons for subsequent price shocks.
For example, additional socket outlets or lighting points fed from existing circuits should undergo a series of safety checks to ensure the condition of the existing installation is adequate to support the additional points required. Key areas of conformity are RCD and earth bonding compliance to the 17th edition of the Wiring Regulations and BS7671.
We will carry out a free site survey to check these important points and provide a detailed quotation of what is required. If for example the circuit tests demonstrate that the supporting circuit(s) are able to be modified but there is no earth bonding to the main gas and water services, then the cost of cross bonding the main services will be detailed and included in the quotation. RCD protection will be treated similarly. 

On completion of the works we will issue either a Installation Certificate or a Minor Works Certificate (as appropriate) which will certify and guarantee the work that has been carried out.

General Lighting

overhead lightingLighting upgrades are commonplace these days. We are finding that many of our customers are upgrading their lighting and installing recessed low voltage or mains voltage lights particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. New LED options are particularly energy efficient and attractive.

Why not ask us for our free advice when you are considering upgrading your kitchen or bathroom. 

Garden Power and Lighting

With the growing popularity of sun decks and patio areas leading to more and more alfresco dining and entertaining, prolonging the summer evenings by creating cosy atmospheres using simple but effective lighting solutions is an attractive proposition.

Decorative and functional lighting plays an important part of outdoor living. By creating fascinating effects and transforming your outdoor area into a fabulous place to entertain. You can enrich your home and create lovely outdoor surroundings for yourself and your family and friends.

We have many examples of good quality outdoor installations and we will be happy to share these to help you plan and realise the right garden lighting solution for you.

Security Lighting

When considering the security of your home a useful addition to perimeter security can be exterior lighting, either switched manually or automatically operated. The most common form of lighting is passive infra-red which is activated when someone comes into its field of vision. The light can be set to stay on for a set time and then it will re-set if the cause of its activation is no longer present. Passive infra-red units can activate single or multiple lights.

Lights can be useful on the approach to a front or rear door or garage, not only lighting up if someone approaches your house, but also when you approach. Siting is important to avoid nuisance activation from certain animals and you will not want the light to be activated every time your neighbours go into their garden or when someone walks past the front of your property.
If you are considering security lighting around your home give us a call, we're always happy to provide advice and information regarding what's available and what might suit your security situation and budget. 

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a legal requirement in all public places (common residential areas) and buildings. Designed to save lives and prevent serious injury emergency lighting is a safety system and according to British Standards is compulsory in all public areas.

In accordance with BS 5266 we can advise you on precisely what locations, distances and minimal emergency lighting requirements are needed for your situation. We can advise and guide you through the requirements to ensure your installation complies with the published guideline criteria.

When siting equipment in public areas, material choice is very important. We install materials and fittings to the highest specification so you can be confident that the products installed are safe, reliable and durable.

Lighting Design

home lighting installationBeautifully designed lighting can transform any room or add an extra dimension to your garden. Mood lighting dimming systems, concealed lighting, wall washing stair lighting, uplighting, the list is endless. Today there is a wealth of different light sources on the market and it is important that if you are modernising your home that you comply with Building Regulation Part L which encourages householders to fit new low energy technology. JMA is fully conversant with all modern lighting variants and we will be happy to help you with your design and selection.

So if you want to make sure you consider all options, call us for a chat or drop us an email with your details and we'll get back to you.

Additional Socket Outlets

Sometimes there are not enough sockets for the increasing number of appliances we all continue to acquire; and we all know that adapters are not the answer.

If you're finding this is the case why not give us a call for a free quotation for some additional points.

Mob: 07850 965 753 and 07824 327 657

Distribution Boards and Fuseboards

Health and safety regulations now demand that all homes have a circuit breaker board which vastly improves the electrical safety of any home. As a result we are finding that many people are now taking steps to upgrade their fuse boards to a circuit breaker board which incorporates the latest technology. New RCD's (Residual Current Devices) provide an unparalleled level of safety - particularly important with children around. All new installations are required to have them fitted by law. If you haven't already taken this step it might be an important consideration for you.

If you're unsure, call us anytime and we'll advise you accordingly.

Earthing and Bonding

When your altering your installation by adding socket outlets, lighting points or installing a new cooker or shower point it will be necessary to check the earthing arrangements to make sure that the existing earthing and bonding arrangements are adequate. This is because the safety of any new work, however minor, will depend on those earthing and bonding arrangements that are in place after the alterations have been made. This is second nature to JMA Electrical and we can advise you on what needs to be done when attending site to discuss any additional points you may have in mind. For more information please and a first hand opinion from NICEIC please go to 
Fire Alarm and Smoke Detector Systems

As a Landlord we recognise you have a hundred and one things to think about. Fire Alarms, Smoke and CO2 Alarms are an important consideration and all of this can sometimes seem a daunting and complicated task. 

The standards and regulations governing the installation of alarm and detection equipment are explicit in their requirements. Fire is one of the most serious dangers we face. According to Home Office statistics, every year there are more than 100,000 building fires and many lives could be saved if the proper precautions had been taken.

All Fire Alarm Systems essentially operate on the same principle. If a detector detects smoke or heat or someone operates a break glass unit (manual break point), then alarm sounders operate to warn others in the building that there may be a fire and to evacuate.

fire and smoke alarm installationFire Alarm Systems can be broken down into four categories, Conventional, Addressable, Analogue Addressable and Wireless systems. We can advise you what system is most suitable for you requirements.

We can help you through the complexities by explaining the Regulation and British Standards governing fire and smoke detection compliance. Call us anytime and we will be happy to discuss your position in relation to your home, office or tenanted buildings.

Testing and Inspection

When you consider the costs involved in buying a new home, an electrical inspection is a sensible investment to expose any horrors that might be lurking before you exchange contracts.

In recent years an influx of cheap labour from Eastern Europe has resulted in some very poor electrical installations and it's not always possible to see the dangers when they are buried deep in the fabric of a building. The good news is that a professionally conducted  electrical test will flush them out.

Let’s face it, it’s better to find out about any dangerous or poor electrical installations before you make that final commitment to buy your new home.
A full test can serve as a powerful negotiating tool and simply save you a good deal of money in avoided improvement costs.

CCTV Services

The importance of having a professionally designed specification can be seen from the fact that when the police seek to use CCTV evidence in court it is found to be inadmissible in at least 80% of cases.

While it is true that almost anyone can look at a location and suggest a number of Cameras, only those who have experience in this field, through an understanding of the principles of optical science, will generally be able to recommend a Camera that will give the customer a picture with the best definition or coverage.

Often it is also possible to give clients "added value" by locating Cameras, and utilising lenses which are able, not only to view the area of concern, but also give peripheral vision of other points of interest.

Contact us for more advice and details of how we can help arrange your security system.